(French Guiana)

As a dancer, musician, and painter, three cultures have shaped the artistry of Tamangoh Van Cayseele Stanislas: the Amazon of French Guiana, Paris, and New York. Through his dance a whole philosophy unfolds that reminds us of myths and ancestral rites as well as contemporary urban experiences. He takes all those foundations with other influences, such as Afro-Caribbean and world rhythms, the new sounds of hip-hop culture, funk, and the traditional jazz idioms of bebop and swing, and blends them into his own signature style. He has collaborated on projects and shared the stage with artists such as Bobby McFerrin, Elvin Jones, Chucho Valdes, Richard Bona, Omar Sosa, Zakir Hussain, and Gregory Hines, to name a few, and has toured the world with his dance troupe Urban Tap. Tamangoh has a long history of projects in Japan with such highlights as performing at Kodo’s Earth Celebration on Sado Island in 2006, and the following year for their 20th anniversary. In 2015, along with Japanese actor/dancer Hideboh, Tamangoh starred in the musical play Footsteps in the Pacific written by Japanese filmmaker Takeshi Kitano that had a three week run in Tokyo. A virtuoso of improvisation, never ceasing to surprise, Tamangoh is renowned as one of the most musical tap masters worldwide.

“Astonishing elegance and virtuosity, a blend of swaying curved form, lightning speed and skimming floor rhythms. One is tempted to call him the best dancer of any kind around.” – The New York Times

In addition to his dance performances, Tamangoh’s residency in Kochi includes a two week art exhibit at Warakoh Museum. The exhibit, Pigments of Rhythm, shows tones and variations, obscurity and clarity, the pulse of cities, the powerful spirit of the forest, and obscure hidden faces. The beat guides the colours and lines, in tune yet atonal, improvising like a jazz dancer.

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